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What is Silent dance

Ecstatic Dance in the Silent Dance way… We have for all the dancers a headset. Your ticket is included a headset. Use this wisely And enjoy the dance at the beach.

What kind of music do I hear?

Ecstatic dance is build up from all different kind of music styles. From urban, to the best beat ever. Shamanistic and classical


Who is the DJ/ CL

In the ticketshop you can see who is preparing the set. We always ask if the DJ will come and dance with us. But this is due the COVID situation not always possible.

Ecstatic Dance Workout

Inspired by and with the kind permission of Ecstatic Dance San Francisco www.ecstaticdance.org
Ecstatic Dance is happening worldwide;
Hawaii, San Francisco, Berlin, New York, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona
We’d love to see you on our outside dance floor

Welcome at Ecstatic Dance Beach

It happend Almost a year ago.. our first dance at the beach.

It was fun, scary and awasome! The sun the beach one big adventure.

people from whole the country come to our beach to dance and for finding community.

This must be on your bucketlist!

We bring inside outside

♡ Ecstatic Dance Guidelines
1. No talking
2. No drugs/alcohol (bring your own water and tea)
3. Barefoot
4. Respect yourself and one another

5.Keep 1,5 meter distance, until we can leave this rule


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The Team

Coby & Michael

We are the team of Ecstatic Dance Beach. And passionated about what we do. We believe in movement, community 

Get Connected!

Check our webshop, for membership and tickets.

Email Address

 dansklooster@ live.nl

Call Me

06- 10484372

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Egmond aan zee, Strand Noord